Manufactured in Great Britain, Supaslate is a lightweight plastic alternative to natural slate. Supaslate has been designed to be virtually identical to traditional but with the added benefit of being consistent in weight, colour, size and shape. This makes Supaslate suitable for low pitch installations and is extremely fitter friendly making it perfect for fast installation on outdoor buildings, like garages, sheds, garden rooms, summer houses, pergolas and much more. Supaslate is available in a selection of 6 distinctive colours which have been chosen to help a garden structure roof match the vernacular of most properties in the UK.

Supaslate has been designed and tested to be extremely durable meaning that unlike traditional slate they won't crack and de-laminate over time. Supaslate can be installed on pitches as low as 14 degrees on both boarded and battened applications. Our unique HeatFlex™ feature enables the tiles to flex in hot weather, allowing the roof to breath and then the tiles return to their original shape once the temperature drops.

Weighing in at 7.68 kg per m², Supaslate is less than half the weight of traditional slate and is the lightest synthetic slate available in the UK.

Ideal for

  • Outdoor Structures

  • Garage Roofs

  • Garden Buildings

  • Canopies

  • Carports

  • Pergolas

  • Sheds

  • Garden Studios

  • Playhouses

  • Log Stores

  • Covered Areas

  • Hot Tub Covers

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Supaslate ® Plastic Roof Tile Colours

Supaslate ® Triple Tile Design


The one of a kind Supaslate 'Snap to Single' system

A huge difference with our slate is the one of a kind Quick snap system. Our slate comes in triples so 3 slates together with the ability to quick snap down to Two slate sections or even one slate. this means that initially you can fit 3 slates at once providing efficient installs time over large spaces, and snapping down to One or Two tiles when needed towards the edge allowing for minimal waste and maximum install efficiency.

Supaslate ® Accessories

Supaslate ® comes complete with a range of accessories, including the FlexiRidge™, slim line dry verge and fixing screws.

Antique Red

Slate Grey


Burnt Umber

Lakeland Green


Delta Ridge

Delta Hip End Cap

Delta Gable End Cap

Supaslate ® 2m SupaVerge

Supaslate ® Flange Head Outdoor Screw

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