Supaslate has been designed to be the perfect lightweight plastic alternative to natural roofing slate. Our synthetic slate is manufactured to a high standard in Great Britain, as a unique triple slate design which is easy snapped to single slate for a fast and easy installation to most roofing applications.
Fast Installation

Our Tiles use a 'Snap to Single' system making installation faster, they come in a bank of 3 tiles and can be laid 3 tiles at once or just snap one or two tiles off depending on how many you need. this results in a much faster installation and minimizes waste.

Lightweight Plastic Slate

Supaslate is the lightest synthetic roof tile currently available in the UK. A single tile weighs in at a mere 366g meaning supaslate is one of the lightest available roof options currently available, this makes our tile suitable for lightweight roofing applications whether it be for an outdoor building, shed, pergoga, garage, carport or even a playhouse its versatile and lightweight properties make it a perfect choice for any project. Typically Supaslate weighs in at just 7.68 kg per m².

Supaslate is the lightest synthetic tile in the UK
100% made in the UK.
A rated for Fire resistance.
21 Tiles per Sq M
Designed to be flexible in the heat
20 Years Guarantee

We've put together some handy information, available to download and browse at your leisure.


366 g per slate / 7.68kg per m²


7 Triple Tiles per m² (21 Slate per m²)

Overall Dimensions

Individual Slate: 291mm x 446mm Triple Tile: 879mm x 446mm

Fire Performance

Tripe Tile has been fire tested by BRE Global.

HeatFlex™ Feature

Enables the tiles to flex in hot weather, allowing the roof to breath and then the tiles return to their original shape once the temperature drops


Supaslate should be stored on a flat even surface. During cold weather Supaslate must be stored and conditioned at a temperature no lower than 7°C.


Supaslate is to be fitted onto battens using 30mm Outdoor Screws. Supaslate can be cut using a utility blade or circular saw.


Supaslate has been manufactured using virgin polypropolene so is 100% recyclable so any waste can be disposed of at your local recycling centre.